5 Costs to Negotiate When Buying a House in Greenville

Buying a house will inevitably involve a lot of negotiating, whether good-natured give-and-take or aggressive jockeying for the best position. Too many buyers, though, think that once they’ve settled on a price, the negotiations are over. But that’s pretty far from the actual state of affairs. There are in fact many other negotiation points. So … Continued


5 Things to Look for When Choosing a Contractor in Greenville

Maybe you’re a home seller who needs to make major repairs/renovations before listing, or perhaps you’re a buyer who wants to add on to or remodel that new home. Either way, you’ve likely discovered that you need some professional construction help. But choosing the right contractor (usually a general contractor) involves a lot more than … Continued

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Using Psychology to Sell Your Home in Greenville

When you’re getting ready to sell your Greenville home, you’ll want to make sure you have everything working in your favor. Depending on your neighborhood, there might be several similar homes on the market, all with similar amenities. If you want to sell your house quickly, it has to stand out and feel special when using psychology to … Continued


5 Signs of Fraud When Buying a House in Greenville

You’ve probably spent years working hard, building your credit, and crimping and saving to come up with a down payment. And now – finally! – you’re about to purchase that home you’ve long been dreaming about. The last thing you want, then, is to become a victim of fraud when buying a house. Unfortunately, it’s … Continued

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6 Signs It Might Be Time to Sell Your Home in Greenville

Many people encounter some hesitation when they are first thinking about selling their home. If you’re on the fence, consider these signs it might be time to sell your home in Greenville. 6 Signs It Might Be Time to Sell Your Home in Greenville 1. You Need More Space! Whether you’ve added family members or … Continued

gray house with green grass and a garage when selling a house in greenville nc

5 Ways To Get Out of Your Mortgage in Greenville

As the real estate market fluctuates with changing economic times, people will often find themselves wanting to get out of a mortgage that no longer makes financial sense for them. Being “underwater” on a mortgage, where you owe more than the house is worth, is especially stressful, both financially and emotionally. This article will explain … Continued

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Advantages of Selling Your Home Yourself in Greenville

Most people think you need an agent for selling your home yourself, but we want to prove otherwise. We want to share with you the advantages of selling your home yourself! The first one might be a bit obvious, but…. NO COMMISSIONS!  Real estate agents can charge 6%+ upon the sale of your home, even … Continued

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How To Sell A House During A Divorce in Greenville

It can be very difficult to sell a house during a divorce. Learn more about the easiest and most fair way to sell your house in Greenville in our latest post! When dealing with a divorce, settling affairs and dividing assets can be excruciating. Between the bickering and constant disagreements, dealing with such a large … Continued

Misconceptions: Home Buyers Are Unethical

Transcription: Hey everyone scott johnson here with pitt home buyers hope you’re having a fantastic day and today we are going to delve into some of the misconceptions that people have about homebuyers now one of those misconceptions we’re going to run into today is they’re unethical so what do you mean by unethical right … Continued

How To Stop Foreclosure of Your House In Greenville

If the bank is threatening to take your property after all you have put into it, we can help you stop the foreclosure of your house in Greenville! Keep reading to learn about what you can do to fight back! Dealing with the threat of foreclosure can be extremely overwhelming. The thought of losing your … Continued

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Foreclosure Prevention Measures In Greenville and the rest of NC

Local NC homeowners who are facing a financial challenge may find themselves in foreclosure. Foreclosure is when the mortgage loan doesn’t get paid back and the bank begins the process to take ownership of the property to recoup its losses. If you find yourself entering the foreclosure process, you might wonder if there is anything … Continued

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Foreclosure notice of default in NC– what is it?

If you’ve gotten a foreclosure notice of default and want to know what the heck is going on, keep reading. Basically, a foreclosure notice of default is a document that has to be filed by a lender to start the process of foreclosure. The foreclosure notice of default must be sent to anyone who has … Continued

calculator with money which is representing when its hard to make your mortgage payments in greenville nc

Running The Numbers For Selling Your House in Greenville

Selling your house in Greenville? Make sure you run the numbers so you know exactly what to expect! A traditional sale can cost a fortune whereas a direct sale won’t usually cost you anything. In this blog, we discuss the costs and timeframe you can expect when selling your house in Greenville!  Many people will … Continued