Misconceptions: Home Buyers Are Unethical

Pitt Home Buyers | Misconceptions About Home Buyers That Are Unethical

Transcription: Hey everyone scott johnson here with pitt home buyers hope you’re having a fantastic day and today we are going to delve into some of the misconceptions that people have about homebuyers now one of those misconceptions we’re going to run into today is they’re unethical so what do you mean by unethical right let’s kind of dig in a little bit more well a lot of people seem to think that these cash home buyers are here to just come in and you know walk through the house and say oh this house a piece of crap i’m going to go ahead and lowball you and give you a low offer and then once you close all of a sudden the person who’s selling is like holy crap what just happened and where did all of my equity go right now it is true that cash offers are less than when you sell it on the on the market big reason is because they’re fast we can go over more in another video on that but you know when it comes down to it i don’t care what industry you’re looking into real estate agents brokers freaking well real estate or not real estate brokers but mortgage brokers and stock brokers attorneys there’s shady people everywhere there’s people doing unethical crap all the time right so you know when it comes down to it you really you really just need to do your research alright so what i’m going to do today right now is i’m going to give you the tools you need to find out if a home buyer you are speaking with or any professional for that matter is ethical right or at least get a good idea because really some guys some people are really good at hiding you know how unethical they are i don’t know whatever they end up in jail anyway so um anyway let’s go ahead and give you a couple of tools so uh one thing that the person that you’re the company that you’re looking at is going to need to make sure that they are an ethical company and they’re above is going to be a business name now when you get this business name obviously people can make them up right one thing you can do is go to the nc secretary of state website and do a business name search and see if their business is up-to-date and everything and uh it’ll actually say that they are still you know active right so that’s number one uh the next one is going to be a website now it just having a website isn’t enough the website’s got to be in good shape you know they got to be it’s got to have testimonials up there which we’ll go over there in a second uh it’s also got to have relevant relevant information heck a real big bonus is information that talks about how they’ve helped other people and also what their process is right because the people who hide in the shadows doing like unethical crap they’re not going to tell you how they operate they’re not going to be upfront and honest with you so those are a couple of gold stars when you’re looking into another company or a home buyer right another one is going to be reviews let’s circle back right uh so reviews you can get those in a couple of places one of the most popular is google gts google that stuff right just type in the name of the company testimonials and it should come up with some testimonials that are up there right um another place is going to be facebook hey check out facebook type in their name because a um a credible home buyer is going to have a facebook page that has more relevant information up there another key thing that a credible and ethical home buyer is going to have is going to be uh content what kind of content written content market updates videos like this one that help you um help to you know answer the tough questions when it comes down to it and help you get educated so you can make a better decision when you’re selling your house all right and really that’s primarily it if you go through and check all those things company status um you know checking reviews making sure they have content up there oh one more thing one of those forms of content should be video testimonials why do i say that well because you only get a video testimonial from someone like let me put it this way if someone did something for me they’d have to go above and beyond for me to be you know hop on a camera take my time and say hey these guys did a good job here’s the situation here’s what happened right look for video testimonials because those are the most powerful testimonial and you can see that they they are people that are local and in your market and you know they’re telling about how that home buyer solved their problems okay so a couple of real those are some really good things like i said um you know re re-watch this video a couple times uh and when you’re looking at a home buyer to work with go through those steps look at all that relevant information and make sure that you are working with someone who is credible and who is being backed up by a lot of the clients that they’ve helped all right guys so thanks so much for watching this video uh if you like this video go ahead and give it a thumbs up and be sure to subscribe click that subscribe button right down here or here i don’t know where the video you know is placed sometimes it flips me uh but click the subscribe button so you’ll get all the up-to-date relevant information that’s going to help you make a better decision when you’re selling your house also if you know someone who’s looking to sell their house go ahead and click the share button because this is information that they need when they’re looking for any real estate professional thanks so much y’all and have a great day

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