3 Unconventional and Beneficial Ways to Sell Your House in Greenville

When you’re selling your home, one of the few things you can control is the method you use to sell, and the method you select can also mean realizing the highest profit. Read on as we explore three unconventional and beneficial ways to sell your house in Greenville. Cash Offer Accepting only cash offers is … Continued
How to Sell your House by Yourself in Greenville: A Short Guide

How to Sell your House by Yourself in Greenville: A Short Guide

Selling your house is something you’ll have to do maybe just a few times in your life.  And unless you know a local Greenville real estate agent who will sell your house for free or a hugely discounted commission… it can be a real pain in the rear and an expensive process for you as … Continued

How To Tell A Disreputable Home Buyer From A Home Buyer You Can Trust

When you're considering selling your house to a homebuyer, you need to make sure they are credible. A lot of people out there call themselves wholesalers, will get your property under contract, pretend like they're going to buy your house, and just try selling the purchase contract to another investor...
Burning dollar depicting the three things that will destroy your home value when selling your house in Wilmington NC

3 Things That TANK Your Home Value In Greenville NC

Commercialization While we all like to see progress sometimes the commercialization of areas can get a bit too much and start to affect our home values. If you’re living in an area where a lot of commercial buildings are popping up, you may see your home value start to go down. One option you can … Continued

How to sell your House Quickly in Greenville without any Hassle

Are you worried on how to sell your house quickly in Greenville without any hassle? In this article I’ll dive into some ways you can start to look at to sell your local house more quickly. There are lots of reasons people need to sell their house fast. For instance, some of these reasons may … Continued
Pitt Home Buyers two things you never knew about your mortgage when selling your house in Wilmington NC

2 Things You Never Knew About Your Mortgage

Banks love nothing more than to confuse you with their jargon and confusing practices. To help combat that we’re helping to educate you on the two things that you never knew about your mortgage. It’s Paid In Arrears Mortgages don’t work the same way that paying rent does. When you pay your rent you’re usually … Continued
understanding the three types of property appraisals when selling your house in wilmington nc

The Three Types Of Property Appraisals

Whether you own a house or a church, it’s critical that you get an idea of what it is worth when you’re trying to sell it. Today we’re going to go over the three different methods that appraisers use when they are trying to find an assumed value of a property. While this doesn’t always … Continued
Pitt Home Buyers sell my house fast in Wilmington North Carolina three things to remember when updating your house

3 Important Tips For Updating Your Property

Updating your property can be in an exciting endeavor, but there are a few things that you need to think about before you get the ball rolling. Today we’re going to go over three considerations you need to make before you start any project in Wilmington NC, or anywhere for that matter. Will The Market … Continued
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