Pitt Home Buyers Testimonial | Francis Pender (Ayden, NC)

Pitt Home Buyers | Francis Pender Testimonial | Ayden NC

Uh, yes my name is Francis Pender and i had a house in Ayden that I was trying to sell for years and not having any luck whatsoever and Scott johnson came along and really helped me out. I was very pleased with the way everything went it was easy on me very professional and I felt like someone was that really cared was helping me out

Absolutely, I appreciated that and um so you know where did you have any um with me first because it wasn’t right away we talked for about a year later um and uh was there any reservations you kind of had when you first talked to us

Well I was I was very impressed the very first time that I talked with you and met your family and um I had been trying to sell this house to some um one that had been interested in it for a while and everything just fell through so

yeah absolutely and how would you like um how fast were we able to kind of close and buy your house

Oh, that was very fast after after i contacted you the last time everything was fast it went smooth closing was good everything

absolutely and no yeah um and so i did want to like um point out bring up one thing because i want your thoughts on so um when we spoke on the phone the first time we’ve given you an initial off of crying keeping numbers on the official offer a year ago and then when you know when you contact us again uh which you came to us at the farmers market actually yeah um uh we you know i told you that you know i can’t guarantee that same price but kind of how did that end up working out

it worked out perfect because i got the same price that you gave me originally

okay absolutely and the big thing is you know we want to um we just always want to make sure that people understand that hey listen we gave it this price but if a year from now something changed yeah you know

yeah uh i totally understand that but i was very pleased

One more question um so do you feel like uh um do you feel like this is an effective way for someone to try to sell their house oh yes I do okay yeah I just wish I’d done it earlier the very first time that I talked to you instead of waiting absolutely because it gets a lot off my mind and eases it just makes it easier

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