Pitt Home Buyers | What Are The Holding Costs Of Selling My Home In Greenville, NC

Pitt Home Buyers | What Are The Holding Costs Of Selling My Home In Greenville, NC


hey guys scott johnson here with pitt home buyers once again on this beautiful rainy day to tell you about costs associated with selling your house here in greenville all right so we’re going to dig a little bit deeper into this next one we are going to go into holding costs what are holding costs well when you are selling your house on the mls or multi-listing service all right what’s gonna happen is you’re you know with cash home buyers like us we can close in 17 days 14 days we can close in 30 days just depending on your needs but when you’re listing on the mls on average you’re looking at 60 to 90 days from listing to contract to close it could be for multiple reasons one of those being most of the majority of the buyers on the mls they use bank funding and banks are slow they just are right uh because they need to make sure that they have a good solid asset and everything is correct i get it you know it is what it is but you’re gonna have that longer holding time what that means is you’re gonna have to keep paying your mortgage you’re going to have to keep paying your electricity you’re going to have to keep up with repairs which we discussed in our last video is still technically a holding cost insurance all right hoa dues if you live in a community that hasn’t a homeowners association all of these fees have to continue to be paid in fact it says in our realtor contract or agreement to purchase or not agreement to purchase but actually yeah as the agreements purchased the 2t you have to keep paying them because that could literally kill the sale if all of a sudden you get thrown into foreclosure right or the house gets seized from you okay not saying that would happen that isn’t extreme but while you’re still and plus you’re still living there so obviously you’re gonna have to continue paying those additional costs right now obviously like or now obviously it may you know if you’re budgeting and you’re used to it then you’re going to be able to you know it’s not going to be that big of a deal but if you don’t have a solid budget down you know you could just think hey listen because i’m selling my house i don’t need to pay my mortgage i don’t need to do this because i’m going to sell it anyway wrong make sure you continue paying your expenses now if you don’t want to then consider a cash offer because we close in 7 to 14 days so hey you get rid of it faster you don’t have to pay any closing costs i mean what could be wrong with that anyway guys i hope that helps you understand uh that cost of selling your house here in greenville north carolina if you have any questions be sure to hit me up in the comments below or just give us a call and reach out and be sure to subscribe and like this video if you like it and if you don’t like it well there’s other videos to see go watch those don’t don’t hit that don’t hit that thumbs down don’t do it anyway but yeah hit subscribe because we are coming out with some more videos to help educate you to make sure you’re making better decisions when you’re selling your house in greenville north carolina thanks so much guys have a fantastic day and i’ll talk to you soon

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