Sell House Fast In Wilmington NC: Top Myths That You Can Really Ignore

The real estate sector is awash with myths often repeated because of which many believe them to be gospel. The fact, however, is usually quite different. Sure, some have a basis of honesty, suffering just from being twisted by repetition, but a set of myths associated with sell house fast in Wilmington, NC, are flat-out wrong. 

How do you comprehend what to acknowledge and what to dismiss? Reading the following misconceptions down is an excellent place to begin! The team at Pitt Home Buyers is putting the record straight.

Common Misconceptions You Need To Ignore As It Mind Change Your Mind Or Hinder Your Property Sale 

#Myth 1: You Have To Have A New Or Renovated Bathroom/ Kitchen Fitted To Attract Buyers

As far as we know, TV is to blame for this rumor. Property makeover TV shows emphasize these two to such an extent that everyone thinks they need to be perfect looking when it comes to selling the home fast. 

Definitely not true.

Yes, kitchens and bathrooms are considered vital areas of any property. However, trying to double guess the taste and preference of prospects you haven’t met before is foolhardy. The fact is that numerous newly renovated bathrooms and kitchens end up in a skip. Hence, save your funds and just focus on preparing your home for sale.

#Myth 2: Hiring A Realtor With Low Commission Rates Will Save You Finances

This seems like a no-brainer when abode at face value. Certainly, you will keep on a few bucks if you’re hiring someone who asks for less for a service, no?

No. LOL!

Low commission realtors usually offer the services, yet they rarely deliver fruitful results. This is especially true in the case where you wish to sell a house fast in Wilmington, NC. You won’t get a buyer who pays a fair, handsome price for your staged home.

#Myth 3: ‘Buyers Just Buy House, Not The Belongings’

This is a general statement that is true on the face of it. However, if you believe that a home loaded with clutter and personal stuff will sell as quickly as a similar home that has been correctly staged for sale, you’re in for a surprise when you analyze the market. 

Make the time out to make your property as appealing as possible to prospects, and you will see that your efforts are repaid handsomely. Declutter, depersonalize, and clean are the prime objectives here. A neat home will allow the prospects to visualize themselves living in your home instead of feeling as they are intruding on your property.

#Myth 4: Real Estate Agents Set The Market Price

When you try to sell house fast in Wilmington, NC, you must have heard this myth. And truly, this is one of those myths that is entirely false yet persists. Setting up the sale price for any residential property is beyond the scope of real estate agents. 

Agents can or just offer a fair recommendation based on numerous factors. This quoted price, however, can be revised by the vendor. The real ‘setting’ of the fair value, though, is set up by the market itself. The market knows best and is deemed supreme regardless of the real estate agent’s valuation or the seller’s input. Focus on what the market is apprising you, and you’ll get the best value for your home.

The Final Thoughts!

Numerous myths have always surrounded the real estate industry. These myths have kept the buyers and sellers in a dilemma when is the right time to buy and sell to reap the most benefits. We have elaborated on the top four of them. I Hope, the myths don’t cloud your mind if you are willing to sell a house fast in Wilmington, NC. If still not convinced, connect with the team at Pitt Home Buyers today!

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