Understanding Closing | When Can I Expect To Close?

Pitt Home Buyers | When Can I Expect To Close

Transcription: what’s up what’s up guys scott johnson with pitt homebuyers here and i have got my partner in crime monte subscribe to his channel and my channel is spelled b-e-t-t-y h-e-y-w-a-r-d that’s exactly right so be sure to subscribe because not the orange one not any other color the other colors are lame you don’t want the other colors yeah you don’t want to see them you don’t want to see their stuff their stuff stinks anyway so what we’re going to talk about today is when you can expect to close uh during you know when you’re selling your house to a home buyer like us now closing a lot of times can take a long time when you’re selling your house on the multi-listing service it’s just that simple and it’s it’s not anyone’s fault okay but remember in our previous video we talked about things that could slow down the closing process well one of those things would be you know a title search or maybe there’s a you know some liens on the property that have to be taken care of maybe you own it with a bunch of siblings and everyone’s got to get their signature on the paper not but when you list on the mls you also have to take into consideration your negotiation time your review hopefully you’re reviewing the 16 page contract that you sign when you are selling your you know when you’re selling your house on the mls and also the eight-page uh agent agreement i know about these because i am an agent now so if you want to list your house that’s an option too um but also you got to realize that when you’re selling on the mls these guys that are selling these guys these buyers a majority have are bank financing and a lot of them haven’t been pre-qualified so then you have that pre-qualification process but monte do people want to close fast or slow when they’re selling their house um slow slow why do you want anything slow man um because they might not want to leave their houses well let me put it this way if someone owes you money when do you want your money no yeah exactly so when you when so how fast do you think they want to close to get their money fast get their money right most people do right um and when you’re selling your house to a home buyer like us we buy them quickly because we use cash we knock out the you know we knock out the whole bank financing thing and if we do get financing is through a private lender or even a hard money lender so they can deploy capital super super quick so back to the question when can you expect to close when you’re selling to a home buyer choose the date right 7 to 14 days is usually what we need to actually get everything straight with hard money even less if we’re using our own capital so essentially you know you can expect to close as soon as the closing attorney will allow us to close unless there are some title issues or things like that all right guys i hope that answers your question and uh you know um if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out send me or monte here a message and uh monte what are they gonna do what are they gonna subscribe to again my channel and your channel my channel and your channel you gotta listen to him he’s a sharp guy all right buddy thanks for your help all right guys have a great day i’ll talk to you soon

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