Common Problems Sellers Face When Working With Real Estate Agents In Greenville

There are many common problems sellers face when working with real estate agents in Greenville. Learn more about what to watch out for in our latest post!

Before we get started, let’s set the record straight. There are some FANTASTIC real estate agents here in Greenville.

However, using an agent isn’t always the best way to sell a house…

In every situation, each house is unique…

That’s why there needs to be options when you’re selling your house.

Before listing on the MLS, consider all of the ways you can sell your Greenville house, and choose which method you feel is right for you.

That said, today we’re going to share a few common obstacles that sellers face when working with a real estate agent.

The Money Up Front

Real estate agents always get paid after you sell the property, but there’s still a fair amount of money you may need to put up before you list.

Your house needs to be competitive with the others on the market if you want to sell fast…

To keep it competitive, your house needs to be in tip-top shape.

What that means is that your house may require not only repairs but also a thorough cleaning and continued upkeep until it’s actually sold.

One simple thing you can do when you’re staging your property is to have some of your belonging put in storage to make the house appear less cluttered.

But that costs even more money…

There’s really no way around it…

When you’re listing with a Greenville NC you’re going to have to pay money upfront or put in the work yourself, which would eat into the time that’s available for you to do things you enjoy.

Marketing and Other Expenses

Not all agents are full service, and some will charge you additional fees on top of their commission…

Or they will leave certain aspects of the marketing up to you…

There are also flat rate agents who will list your house on the MLS and do nothing else.

You’ll be responsible for showing the property, handling questions, paying for additional marketing, and a lot more.

This is not an ideal situation…

Every agent is different in what they offer.

If you choose to work with a Greenville NC real estate agent, make sure you know what services they provide.

Glorified Listing Prices

This isn’t true of all agents, but some will glorify your listing price in order to have you sign with them.

What we mean is that they’ll tell you that a property should sell for a higher price than the market will accept.

This can hurt your ability to sell quickly as a high price will make many people look the other way.

Another way this can happen is if “you know” how much the house is worth and you refuse to take anything less than a specific price.

You’re doing it to yourself, but they’re playing along…

The agent knows you’ll eventually need to mark down your price, which is going to waste your time and the agent’s time.

Houses that sit on the MLS for over 90 days don’t get anywhere near as much attention as the fresh listings hitting the market every day.

When all else fails, price at or below market, even if it’s just a little. Price is King!

This is why it is important to price your property correctly from the get-go.

A Non-Responsive Agent

There is nothing worse than being stuck in a listing agreement with someone who doesn’t return your calls.

A good agent will make you feel as if you are their only client and pick up the phone immediately or return your calls in a timely manner.

They’re going to be able to answer all of your questions and touch base with you on a consistent basis to let you know what new developments there are in the selling process.

This is ideal because you want to stay informed about what’s going on and when you can expect to close.

You should never have to call more than once or spend time having to track them down.

If you do, then it’s time to start looking for a new agent.

You can avoid this situation by paying close attention to how that person acts when you first speak with them about selling your house.

Do the seem disheveled? Is there a lot of disorganization in their office or car?

No returned calls is a problem sellers face when working with a real estate agent in greenville nc

These are key leading indicators to how they will act when they’re working with you.

Remember, they work for you!

Being Stuck In A Contract

Getting stuck in a listing agreement can be extremely frustrating.

What’s even more annoying is that the agreement almost always states that the realtor has to be paid a commission, regardless of how the property is sold!

That means if you handle the sale of the property to a friend or family member, the realtor still gets their piece of the action!

And imagine if you’re under contract with an agent who doesn’t seem to be working for you…

You can find yourself doing much of the work, only to have them collect their fee when all is said and done.

Selling Direct Might Be For You

For many houses in the Greenville area, a direct sale can be a much better choice.

There are no commissions, fees, repair costs, or marketing expenses.

You won’t have to wait around for a buyer or worry about the sale falling through.

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