Getting A Direct Offer For Your Home is Easier Than You Think!

We Buy Houses With No Agents – No Repairs – No Fees

Our process makes it easy to sell your house fast with our Direct Offer! We will get straight to the point, providing you with a Direct Offer and helping you in any way we can. Our team thrives on helping homeowners find solutions to their real estate problems. Find out how easy our three-step process for selling your house can be!

Three Steps To Your No-Obligation Offer

Step 1


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Step 2


We’ll evaluate your house, help you explore your options, and present our No-Obligation Offer.

Step 3


If you decide to sell your house directly, we’ll schedule closing with and close in as little as 14 days.

Still Have Questions?

It’s Natural To Have Questions About How It Works When We Buy Houses. Questions like:

  • What do we consider when formulating our offer?
  • How do we calculate your cash offer?
  • What are the little I should be aware of?
  • How long does it take?
  • Do we buy in your area?

These are fantastic questions, and you can call us at (252) 227-0274 so we can get them answered for you!

How We Calculate Your Cash Offer

We’re not one of those companies that beat around the bush and have some secret formula when we’re crafting our offers. It’s actually very simple. Keep in mind that After Repair Value is what your house would sell for in market-ready condition:

Let’s Give You An Example!

Here’s an actual offer we presented to a seller here in Greenville North Carolina. If it makes sense to you, Fill Out The Form Below so we can get you your Fair Cash Offer Today!

Click Here To See A Copy Of This Purchase Offer. Pay special attention to the Agreement To Purchase Real Estate. It’s critical that you never sign anything unless you’ve read through and understand it!

Pitt Home Buyers | Example Of A Guaranteed Cash Offer

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