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Pitt Home Buyers was started by the Johnson family in 2018. After moving to North Carolina in 1996, we began noticing that the home selling process was becoming progressively more complex and long. This posed a real challenge for people who were going through divorce or foreclosure and needed a fast exit, so we started pounding the pavement and figured out ways we could help!

Now full disclosure, we’re a Christian company. We get that it may deter some people from working with us, but we conduct business in a way that we believe is pleasing to God. We believe in being straightforward and transparent about how we operate. And get this… It works!

Meet Our Team

Ryan Johnson – Head of Operations

Ryan Johnson is an experienced Home Buyer and a veteran of the army national guard. Since returning from Afghanistan in 2013, he has been studying real estate and implementing what he learns. Since then, he’s been actively helping people solve their real estate problems related to probate. A lover of gaming and utilizing his imagination, he plays table-top RPGs, board games, TCGs, and video games in his spare time.

La Rita Johnson – The Head Honcho

La Rita Johnson has been a hunt seat riding instructor since 1976, where she taught and rode in Crystal Lake IL. When her family moved to Winterville NC in 1996 she started teaching horseback riding lessons for Rock Springs Equestrian Center. In 2004 the Johnson Family started a fresh salsa company called, álarita Gourmet Foods, which is sold at the local Farmer’s Market and specialty stores throughout North Carolina.

Scott Johnson – Chief Problem Solver

Scott’s the guy you see in a lot of the videos we post and most likely the first guy you’re going to talk to! Scott began studying real estate in 2010 and started investing soon after. His mantra is “work to learn” so he’s worked in multiple sectors including direct sales, marketing, and property management. He brings creative thinking to the table and is able to piece together different solutions that can benefit our clients. He’s also a licensed broker and Realtor.

Mike Otranto – Raleigh NC Home Buyer

Hi, I’m Mike Otranto and this is my assistant, Ruby the Beagle (she keeps up the morale around the office). We work closely with Pitt Home Buyers and are experienced rehabbers. Real estate has been my passion since the mid-2000s, and I’ve always preferred to buy houses directly from owners and not deal with banks, auctions, or 3rd parties. I believe in working locally with the people of my community. If you need to sell your house in Raleigh NC, I’m here to help!

Alex Cortright – Media Production

Alex Cortright is a marketing enthusiast with 10 years of media production specializing in video, photo, advertising, and social content creation. If you ever wondered who’s behind the camera of our videos, this is the guy! You’ll probably see him walking properties with us and filming content all over town!

James Hinton – Master Wholesaler

Hello! I’m James Hinton! I began learning about real estate in 2010 when I began shadowing a close friend, who subsequently taught me everything he knows! I moved to Atlanta in 2012 and immediately sought out investors and mentors so I could further my education and grow my industry knowledge. Soon after I returned to North Carolina so I could settle down, help solve real estate problems, change situations, and improve clients’ lives!

Jonathan Mills – Mistah Top Dollah

If you’re looking to get top dollar for your home or buy one of the MLS, you’ll want to hit up our listing master Jonathan!  He’s from rural Beaufort County, holds degrees from NC State and Duke, but calls Winterville home these days.  He blends his skills and degrees in communication and analytics to make him a top-producing agent in the area.  He’s a great hang and great with a golf club and spreadsheets.  To get top dollar on your home, reach out today!

Creative Solutions That Fit Your Needs

Everyone’s situation is different, so whenever we sit down with a new client we make it a point to understand your specific needs. Whether you’re behind on your mortgage payments, you’ve inherited a property that you don’t want, or you have horrible tenants and you’re just plain fed up. All of these challenges have different solutions and our goal is to educate you on all of the ones that are most relevant to you.

Realtors know how to list on the MLS and Wholesalers know how to make cash offers, and that’s pretty much it. Pitt Home Buyers is different because we’re able to use our creative mindset and investing experience to develop effective solutions to life’s real estate challenges.

Our Core Values

We abide by our core values which are Communication, Transparency, Follow Through, and Be Creative and Have Fun. We will not only help you eliminate the stress a house is causing you, but we will provide a great experience as well.


We pick up the phone or respond quickly.


We help you understand your options and how we operate.

Follow Through

When we say we’re going to do it, we do it.

Have Fun and Be Creative

We create the solutions to solve your real estate problem, and have a blast doing it!

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