5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Rush Into Hiring An Agent When Selling Your House in Greenville

Real estate agent dressed in black recommending that you don't rush when you're hiring an agent in greenville nc

Selling your home could be the largest financial transaction of your life so it’s critical to know that you’ll receive the best possible guidance when you’re hiring an agent to sell your Greenville NC house.

There are many reasons why a Greenville NC real estate agent may not be right for you.

Make sure that you’re asking pertinent questions when you’re interviewing them so you can develop a gut feeling about their character.

This will help you know whether they’re right for you or not.

Today, let’s cover 5 reasons why you shouldn’t rush into hiring an agent when selling your house in Greenville. 

It’s a good idea to read this article a couple of times, since you’ll pick up something new each time!


A real estate agent needs to meet your needs.

That’s the basic requirement before you hire anyone.

Their words carry a lot of weight, and the questions the agent asks will tell you whether interested in your needs or not.

Couple sitting down with the real estate agent while they're hiring an agent to sell their greenville nc home

But it can’t be a topical relationship…

They need to be interested in developing a a long term relationship with you.

If you begin to get a “woo-ja” feeling from the real estate agent or they don’t have the time to listen to your reasons for selling, this is a big red flag.

If you feel that they don’t care about your needs, then you absolutely don’t want to rush into hiring an agent when selling your house in Greenville.

Also, if they drop any hints about conducting business in a less than professional manner, or suggest breaking rules, consider this a warning sign as well.


Technology keeps evolving at a rapid-fire pace and it seems like every day there’s a new gadget or program that can meet one of your needs.

This is also true for real estate agents and is one of the biggest problems when hiring an agent.

Instead of being in a rush when hiring an agent to sell your house in Greenville, take time to make sure the agent is up to date with the latest technological trends.

Agents who fail to keep on top of these new and improved resources are not going to be prepared to in the most effective way. 

If the person you’re interviewing indicates that technology is not a strong suit, or that it’s not all that important, you’ll find yourself out of the running in today’s real estate market.

Real estate agent pressing a house button when hiring an agent in greenville nc

Even virtual walkthroughs have become the de-facto way to market and sell your property.

More and more people are buying houses site unseen, and an agent who refuses to keep up with these trends is definitely not doing you any favors.

Failing to be online or having your digital marketing assets in place means that you’ll be missing exposure to a vast majority of your potential buyers from the start.

The MLS works fine, but when you add that extra layer of digital marketing to your arsenal, all bets are off and your house is going to sell quickly.

Also, if the agent starts taking low-quality cell phone photos of your home for your marketing, this is a bad sign as well.


Knowing that your real estate agent is going to respect your privacy and keep conversations between you and them is an important reason why you don’t want to rush into hiring an agent when selling your house in Greenville.

Tongues love to wag this day in age, and it’s not just limited to word of mouth.

Information can now go viral over social media and other digital channels, and that’s not where you want your information to end up!

Take your time when you meet with a potential agent, pay attention to how they talk about other clients or their peers.

Facebook sign and thumbs up and down showing that hiring an agent in greenville nc is best when you keep the discussions between the two of you

If they are revealing too much information, you can be certain this is a habit that will carry over and involve your personal business.

The information they reveal about your circumstances could affect your profits on the deal, and that’s a fire that you don’t want to play with. 

Open Houses

If your potential agent either intends to strictly market your house by holding open houses,  they are either inexperienced, overwhelmed or simply inept.

This is another reason why you do not want to rush into hiring an agent when selling your house in Greenville…

On the other hand, if the agent advises you that they have no intention of holding an open house whatsoever, this is also a sign that there is a problem. 

A balanced approach to marketing your property is important and a good real estate agent will know that.

Open house sign showing that it is important to know how your house will be marketed when hiring an agent in greenville nc to sell your house

Not only will they be well versed in doing open houses and other forms of marketing, they’ll also educate you on what they’re doing so you’ll better understand how they operate.

Asking a lot of questions is your best weapon against a bad real estate agent.

Those questions will reveal who they really are and will give you a gut feeling as to whether or not you want to work with this person.


A good agent should encourage you to seek out several sources for professional services having to do with your real estate transaction.

Some of these could include: handymen, contractors, mortgage companies, closing attorneys and property managers.

If they suggest that you only work with their lender of choice, this is highly questionable…

While they’re free to recommend whatever professionals they believe will do the best work, you have the ultimate say so.

Establishing their willingness to guide you to the best fitting mortgage, or lack thereof is important to consider when hiring an agent to sell your house in Greenville.

There is simply no need to rush into hiring an agent when selling your house in Greenville. Just send us a message or call Pitt Home Buyers first for an offer, without any obligation. 

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