Read This Before You Sell Your House for Cash in Greenville!


It sounds great, especially when you’re in the process of selling house.

Visions of profits are probably running through your mind and floating as if they were a soft morning rain.


Before you take the leap, take a moment to learn about the differences between some random Cash Buyer you met on the street and a professional home buyer.

Once you’ve taken into account all of the pros and cons of selling to a Cash Buyer, read this before you pull the trigger and sell your house for cash in Greenville.

Always keep in mind that there are many benefits to selling directly and they should be considered before you move to the closing table. 


Remember, you’re going to want to do your homework whether you sell your house for cash in Greenville or to a professional buyer like Pitt Home Buyers.

And while you may think that a cash sale always means that you’ll be able to close without any problems, I’m here to tell you that’s rarely the case.

No matter how you choose to sell your home, theres going to be a challenge one way or another.

Many of these Cash Buyers have gone to a seminar and subsequently decided to jump on the flipping bandwagon with the sole purpose of earning a quick buck.

The primary issue is that they may be doing so without any understanding of the financial commitment involved.

These get rich quick buyers often end up getting cold feet, backing out of deals, learning their lesson at your expense.

Who Can You Trust?

A majority of Cash Buyers that you come across are looking for a short turn-around time on their capital investment, and have little to no interest in your needs when you sell your house for cash in Greenville.

It’s a good bet that you would not come out with the money you need in those types of transactions.

Here’s the difference…

When you’re speaking with a professional home buyer like Pitt Home Buyers, they’re going to ask a lot of questions.

They want to understand your needs and what your goals are.

Whether you’re in foreclosure, going through probate, moving because of your job or you just want to know your options...

A Credible Home Buyer will take time to listen and ask a lot of questions.

Every situation is different, and they understand that.

Keeping in mind all of the costs you eliminate by sidestepping the conventional process, they’ll let you know if they feel you’re in a good position to take the time to list the home on the traditional market.

A Home Buyer who’s looking out for your needs can also provide you with a Listing Offer from a reputable real estate agent that they’ve worked within the past.

They go above and beyond and always try to do what’s best for you in your current situation.

They firmly believe that if everyone isn’t winning, that deal is not worth doing.

So they’ll pass on it…

Not only do they care about your final outcome in the deal, but they also keep their finger on the pulse of the market and can provide you accurate numbers and property values.

This in and of itself is a priceless tool to have in your belt.


Time is finite, and the time we’ll never get back the time we spend.

A Credible Home Buyer understands this better than most…

Working with someone inexperienced could end up costing you dearly in both time lost and expenses…

And these aren’t things you can readily recover when you sell your house for cash in Greenville.

If the Cash Buyer delays or misses important closing deadlines because they have no experience to guide them in completing the process in a timely manner, that wastes everyone’s time.

When you work with a Credible Home Buyer that you’ve done your homework on, things work out a lot better a majority of the time.

While there may still be hiccups, they’re there to help guide you through the process…

They’ll also use their knowledge, experience and personal connections to help overcome any problems that may come up during, before, or after closing.

The service doesn’t just stop after closing, and a good Home Buyer understands that.

You can rest assured that you’re able to depend on their word.

This allows you to move forward with your plans in the time frame promised, so you can spend more of your time doing what you love with the people you love!


More often than not, sellers seek out Cash Buyers because their property is in such disrepair that they know it won’t sell readily on the market.

They also want to avoid having to make any repairs that the Greenville NC real estate agent says they need to make…

A Professional Home Buyer will purchase your house in as-is condition when you decide to sell your house for cash in Greenville.

Cash Buyers rarely have the resources available to be able to accomplish this…

In many cases, the seller finds themselves mired in the expenses and headaches of completing the very repairs which caused them to seek out the buyer initially.

They watch as their profits slowly melt away, right back into the property.

As a result of the number of transactions and a strong network in the construction industry, direct buyers understand all of this, having factored repairs into their initial offer.

Realize the best profit, when you’re considering selling your house for cash in Greenville, by selling directly to Pitt Home Buyers. We make it easy! Send us a message or call (252) 227-0274 today!

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