Traditional Sales vs. Short Sales And Foreclosures in Greenville

Home sales usually fall into one of three main categories: traditional sales, short sales, and foreclosures. For buyers, each has pros and cons, though generally speaking the cheaper properties are short sales and foreclosures. But if you’re a buyer, you need to keep in mind that these properties are usually cheaper for a good reason. … Continued
Home for sale sign with a foreclosure sign above it Greenville NC

Can I Sell My House If It’s In Foreclosure In NC?

Foreclosure – it’s that dreaded word that pops up when life throws a curveball, and suddenly, those mortgage payments start slipping through the cracks. It happens when you fall behind and just can’t seem to catch up. Since your mortgage is pretty much a pinky promise with your lender that you’ll pay up, falling behind … Continued
5 Ways to Compete With Cash Buyers in Greenville nc

6 Ways to Compete With Cash Buyers in Greenville

In a seller’s market, the rules of the real estate game make a dramatic shift. In a buyers market, you can take your time and know that there’s probably no one waiting in the wings to pounce on the property your Realtor brought to you, or you just found on the MLS (multiple listing service). … Continued

How Almost Anyone Can Buy a Home in NC

There comes a time when we all have to look at our credit to purchase something we want or need. After taking a realistic inventory of your credit standing, you may need an alternative method to buy a home of your own. Let’s face it, we all have setbacks in life, some more than others. … Continued
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